Use Twitter inside Facebook!

A full-featured twitter client inside Facebook.
Tweet, view your timeline, mentions, RTs, inbox, share your photos, shorten url's and more...

Install in seconds - Easy to uninstall - Works in

How it works

  • download & install

    Step 1 - Download the App

    Click the button above to download and install the Facebook+Twitter App in your browser.

  • Accept & confirm

    Step 2 - Install it on your browser

    To get the app working you must confirm all the permission requests to install the extension in your browser

  • Sign in with twitter

    Step 3 - Sign in with twitter

    Login to and click on the twitter app link at the left column and sign in with your twitter account!

  • Enjoy

    Step 4 - Enjoy using Twitter inside Facebook!

    From now on you will be able to use Twitter inside Facebook: Tweet, View your timeline, mentions,retweets, direct messages, profiles, search, url shortener, photo upload support and much more!


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    Click Continue and then click the Install button in the popup window above.
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    Click Allow and then click the Install button in the popup window above